Speaker series: Ernesto Cruz Ruiz

   23rd September 2021 13:00 - 14:00, 23rd September 2021 14:00

Our next guest of speaker series of Institute for Political Science is Ernesto Cruz Ruiz (Technischen Universitat München) with the presentation entitled:


Political Inequality and Democratic Innovation After the Third Wave of Democratization in Latin America



The long-standing scholarly debate about the relationship between economic development and democracy has recently focused on the effects of income and wealth distribution on regime change and the consolidation of democracy. In this presentation, I seek to contribute to that debate by focusing on the effect of political inequality on democratic institutions in Latin America after 'The Third Wave of Democratization.' I maintain that democratization did not stop after countries in the region transitioned from authoritarianism to democracy. I argue that economic development and wealth distribution in the region, particularly after the 1970s, affected political power relationships among political actors, creating struggles that resulted in updating and creating new institutions to allocate political power. I analyze the effects of political inequality on democratic innovations quantitatively, and I find a positive effect of the former on the latter.


Venue: MTA Humán Tudományok Kutatóháza PTI Körtárgyaló – 1097 Budapest, Tóth Kálmán u. 4. T.2.28. (T wing, 2nd floor 28.)

Date: 23th of September 2021 13:00-14:00