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Comparative Analysis of Tax Morale in Hungary and Poland

Zsanett Pokornyi 2019-2020 National Excellence Program (ÚNKP)

Comparative Study of Minority Legal Status and Policy Implementation in Eastern Europe

Ferenc Bódi 2019-2021    

From Industrialization to Deindustrialization

Tibor Valuch 2019 - 2020 MTA TK Small Incubator

Illiberal Governance and Policy

György Hajnal      

Perception of Corruption in Time Series Data in post-2010 Hungary

Tamás Barczikay 2019-2020 National Excellence Program (ÚNKP)

Political Ideologies in Hungary

Zoltán Balázs      

Political Polarization as a Societal Challenge

Veronika Patkós 2019-2022 Bolyai Research Scholarship

Politics in Fiction

Zoltán Balázs      

Sectoral Cleavage Basis of Economic Voting

David Wineroither 2019 - 2020 MTA TK Small Incubator

The Legislature's Power over Public Policy After the Change of Regime - a Text Mining Approach

Miklós Sebők 2019-2020 Bolyai Research Scholarship


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