PhD Conference - Call For Contributions

The 5th Conference for Doctoral Students of Political Science

„The political realm from social science perspectives”


The study of political phenomena has attracted scholars from different disciplines (such as comparative politics, political economy, political sociology and political communication), who approach intertwined questions from distinct perspectives. The resulting discourses, however, rarely engage with each other, while a comprehensive understanding of politics requires the joint application of diverse theoretical and methodological approaches, as well as syntheses of their results. This year’s instalment of our graduate conference, organised for the fifth time, aims to promote joint discourse and reflection by providing a forum for doctoral candidates and (post)graduate students engaged in political research.

The conference features a keynote speech by a distinguished scholar as well as one general, methodologically focused and two thematic workshops led by international and Hungarian specialists. The thematic workshops focus on methodological and theoretical advances in political sociology and political communication. For the best papers, we also offer a publication opportunity in the online journal of CUB Institute for Political Science.

Date of the conference: 5-6 December, 2019

Languages of the conference: Hungarian and English

Organising institution: Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations, Institute for Political Science

Academic partners: Corvinus University of Budapest Doctoral Schools, CSS Institute for Political Science, Hungarian Political Science Association

The Institute for Political Science of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences intends to honour the best English or Hungarian presentation of the conference. The Institute aims to highlight the importance of accurate and accessible scientific dissemination practices, motivating early career researchers to hone their skills in presenting their scientific results. The best presentation is selected by a committee nominated by the leaders of the Institute for Political Science and CUB Doctoral School of Political Science, based on session chairs’ recommendations. It is expected of those applying for the award to commit to publishing their manuscript in Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics or another social science journal of the Institute for Political Science. The winner is awarded a gross prize of HUF 100.000.


We invite both theoretical and empirical proposals on the following topics:

  • Comparative politics (institutions, international politics, political behaviour)
  • Political economy
  • Political sociology
  • Political communication

We seek proposals for fifteen-minute presentations. Speakers will be selected after the assessment of the received abstracts. As all presentations will be assigned to a co-referent to prepare a five-to ten-minute oral response, participants are required to provide the full written version of their presentation (paper or research proposal) before paper submission deadline.

The minimum length of studies and research plans is 4000 words. We will provide more information on professional and formal requirements along with the notification on the outcome of their proposal.





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