New book: Policy Agendas in Autocracy, and Hybrid Regimes. The Case of Hungary

New book: Policy Agendas in Autocracy, and Hybrid Regimes. The Case of Hungary

Hungarian Comparative Agendas Project's new book entitled Policy Agendas in Autocracy, and Hybrid Regimes. The Case of Hungary (eds. Miklós Sebők and Zsolt Boda) has been published by Palgrave Macmillan

About the book:

Over the past thirty years the comparative study of policy agendas under the aegis of the Comparative Agendas Project (CAP) has become one of the fastest growing sub-fields in policy research. Yet, similarly to policy studies in general, most of the agenda-setting literature focuses on well-established democracies. This edited volume offers a ground-breaking analysis of a hitherto less examined topic in comparative politics: the dynamics of policy agendas in Socialist autocracy and in hybrid regimes. We propose that policymaking in authoritarian and illiberal regimes is different from the practices of democracies which we analyse based on a unique historical policy agendas database built by the Hungarian CAP team at the Centre for Social Sciences in Budapest. We find that punctuated equilibrium theory offers a good description of policy dynamics regardless of policy regimes, yet punctuations are more pronounced in autocratic and illiberal settings. These regime types also share a tendency towards centralization, a less efficient use of public information and a suppression of democratic participation in the policy process. This book may be of interest to scholars and students of policy studies, agenda-setting and the politics of authoritarianism.

Table of contents:


1.  Understanding Agenda Dynamics in Non-democracies

Zsolt Boda, Miklós Sebők

Theory and Research Strategy

2. The Effect of Political Regimes on Policy Agendas: A Theoretical Framework

Zsolt Boda

3. Hungarian Regimes and Their Institutional Characteristics

Csaba Molnár, Orsolya Ring

4. The Data and Methods of the Hungarian Comparative Agendas Project

Csaba Molnár, Miklós Sebők

The Dynamics of Policy Agendas in Four Regimes of Hungarian History

5. The Pre-war Era of Proto-parliamentarism (1867–1918)

Csaba Molnár

6. The Traditional Authoritarianism of the Interwar Period (1920–1944)

Ágnes M. Balázs

7. Agenda Dynamics in Socialist Autocracy (1957–1989)

Orsolya Ring, László Kiss

8. The Policy Agendas of Liberal and Illiberal Democracy (1990–2018)

Zsanett Pokornyi, Eszter Sághy


9. The Effect of Regime Types on Policy Agendas in Hungary

Zsolt Boda, Tamás Barczikay, Zsanett Pokornyi


The book is available at the link below.