New publications about energy poverty

New publications about energy poverty

Ana Stojilovska and her colleagues have published two new articles about energy poverty. The first one explores the role of social movements that developed as a response to energy poverty in three European countries and that submitted legislative proposals to their parliaments. The main argument is that these social movements arise as a response to the monopolization of energy decisions, and demand political representation of energy-vulnerable groups and safeguarding their access to basic energy services.

The second article led by Dokupilová explores the winter energy vulnerability of rural and urban locations across 8 countries. The results indicate that considering the impacts of climate change and the characteristics of rural locations, rural areas are likely to stay more vulnerable to energy poverty.

Both publications are open access:

Stojilovska, A., Yoon, H. and Frankowski, J. 2024. Enough pain, cold, and illness! Social movements in response to energy poverty in Europe. Energy Research & Social Science 115 103627.

Dokupilová, D., Stojilovska, A., Palma, P., Gouveia, J.P., Paschalidou, E.G., Barrella, R., Feenstra, M., Horta, A., Sánchez-Guevara, C., Kádár, J., Tesanovic, M., Thomaidis, N.S. and Hamed, T.A. 2024. Exploring Energy Poverty in Urban and Rural Contexts in the Era of Climate Change: A Comparative Analysis of European Countries and Israel. Energies 17 (12): 2939.

The publications have been supported by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Hungary under the grant PD_23 OTKA no. 145881.