István Stumpf

István Stumpf
Download CV Senior Research Fellow (TK PTI)
Research Interests

rule of law, constitutional system, separation of powers, state - government policy - public administration

Selected Publications

Stumpf, István: Reinventing Government: Constitutional Changes in Hungary Budapest, Gondolat (2017) 214 p.

Stumpf, István: Separation of powers and the politics of constitutional reforms, including judicial independence CONSTITUTIONAL LAW REVIEW 2017: 11 pp. 3-23., 21 p. (2017)

Stumpf, István: The Hungarian Consitutional Court's Place in the Constitutional System of Hungary POLGÁRI SZEMLE: GAZDASÁGI ÉS TÁRSADALMI FOLYÓIRAT 13: Special issue pp. 239-258. , 20 p. (2017)

Stumpf, István: Reinventing Government and the Separation of Powers HUNGARIAN JOURNAL OF LEGAL STUDIES 57: 1 pp. 42-58. , 17 p. (2016)