Speaker Series: Visnja Vukov (Department of Political Science, University of Vienna)

   2023. február 9. 14:00

Speaker Series: Visnja Vukov (Department of Political Science, University of Vienna)

A Speaker Series előadássorozat következő vendége Visnja Vukov (Department of Political Science, University of Vienna) az alábbi előadással:

Growth models in Europe’s Eastern and Southern peripheries: between national and EU politics

This talk analyses the political origins of diverse peripheral growth models in Europe, focusing on credit-based consumption-led growth model in Southern Europe and FDI-based export-led growth model in Central and Eastern Europe. Contrary to existing approaches that attribute this East-South divergence to their geographic position and systemic features of European monetary integration, the paper argues that these growth models stem from different national and EU-level policy responses to the challenge of core-periphery market integration. While the Southern states sought to protect domestic firms, allowing for, or even directly contributing to deindustrialization in the face of competition with the European core economies, Central and East European states aimed to preserve their industrial legacy even at the expense of FDI-dependency. These policy responses were in turn shaped by distinct domestic political coalitions as well as by dramatically different EU strategies of governing integration, which left more space for reproduction of domestic coalitions and growth strategies in the South than in the East. While the Eurozone crisis management has temporarily reduced that space in the South, the EU response to the Covid-19 crisis is likely to restore the primacy of domestic politics in determining growth trajectories in both peripheries of Europe.

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