Thinking through transition

A CEU Press gondozásában nagyszabású vállalkozás jelent meg: egy hatszáz oldalas tanulmánykötet az 1989-es kelet-közép európai rendszerváltások és az azok nyomán létrejött demokratikus politikai berendezkedések összehasonlító eszmetörténetéről.


"The book intends to be the first collective monograph of the post-1989 history of political and social thought of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The project emerges from a deep conviction that the period of political transitions in the region, whether accomplished, aborted or abhorred, can and needs to be treated as a chapter in the intellectual history of political thought. Adopting the perspective of intellectual history, but inviting multidisciplinary expertise, the book aims to contribute to a more complex reflection on the post-socialist 'transition period' in East Central Europe and its historicization. While necessarily lacking comprehensiveness, it has a remarkable exploratory value for the future challenges in the field. The volume raises some of the most pressing problems of intellectual history of the period as addressed by the current scholarship, clustered into several major themes"--Provided by publisher.


Towards an intellectual history of post-socialism / Michal Kopecek (ICH, Prague), Piotr Wcislik (CEU, Budapest) -- Liberalism : dissident illusions and disillusions -- Faces of post-dissident Hungarian liberalism : a study in agendas, concepts and ambiguities / Ferenc Laczó (Imre Kertész Kolleg, Jena) -- Totalitarianism and the limits of the political thought of Polish dissidents : late socialism and after / Piotr Wcislik (CEU, Budapest) -- Václav Havel, his idea of civil society and the Czech liberal tradition / Milan Znoj (Charles University, Prague) -- The (re-)emergence of constitutionalism in East-Central Europe / Paul Blokker (University of Trento) -- Conservatism : a counter-revolution? -- The conservative counter-revolution : post-dissident neoconservatives in post-communist transformation / Petr Roubal (ICH, Prague) -- Songs of innocence and songs of experience : Polish conservatism, 1979-2011 / Rafal Matyja (WSB-NLU, Nowy Sacz) -- The abortion of a "conservative" constitution-making : a discourse analysis of the 1994-1998 failed Hungarian constitution-making enterprise / Zoltán Gábor Szucs (Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest) -- Populism : endemic pasts and global effects -- Populism and democratic malaise in post-communist Romania / Camil Alexandru Parvu (University of Bucharest) -- Configurations of populism in Hungary / András Bozóki (CEU, Budapest) -- The political lives of dead populists in post-socialist Slovakia / Juraj Buzalka (Comenius University, Bratislava) -- The Left : between communist legacy and neoliberal challenge -- Non-post-communist Left in Hungary after 1989 : diverging paths of Leftist criticism, civil activism and radicalizing constituency / Agnes Gagyi (Moholy-Nagy University of Arts, Budapest) -- The architecture of revival : left-wing ideas and politics in Poland after 2002 / Maciej Gdula (University of Warsaw) -- The formation of the Czech post-communist intellectual Left : twenty years of seeking an identity / Stanislav Holubec (Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena) -- Feminist criticism of the "new democracies" in Serbia and Croatia in the early 1990s / Zsófia Lóránd (CEU, Budapest) -- Politics of history : nations, wars, revolutions -- Remembering the end of communism in East-Central Europe / James Mark (University of Exeter), Muriel Blaive (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Vienna), Adam Hudek (Historical Institute SAV, Bratislava), Anna Saunder, Stanislaw Tyszka -- A fate for a nation : concepts of history and the nation in the Hungarian politics, 1989-2010 / Gábor Egry (Institute of Political History, Budapest) -- From "Husakism" to "Meciarism" : the national identity-building discourse of the Slovak left-wing intellectuals in the 1990s Slovakia / Stevo Đurašković (University of Zagreb) -- Post-communist europe : on the path to a regional regime of remembrance? / Zoltán Dujisin (CEU, Budapest).


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